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The photos below have been found after searching the internet for Paragon Park images. If you see any of your photos here, please send us an email with your name so that we may give you proper credit. A lot of these pictures were also sent to us from site viewers and some are from my own family collection. You can double click on an image to start the slide show..
Just the beach.   Enjoy!
16 new images of the Giant Coaster.
Photos by Michael S Horwood

These photos are courtesy of BETH LENNON and RETROROADMAP.COM
Updated: June 25, 2016
Random pictures from the web- Carousel photos courtesy of John Cedarstrom.
Added Feb 26, 2011      PATRIOT LEDGER photo archives:
Watch the 1982 television commercial for Paragon Park here!
Old Nantasket, hotels, boats and more!

Photo album courtesy of Mark Bregoli, NANTASKET  PAINT & HARDWARE
Old Nantasket, hotels, boats and more!
Photo album courtesy of Mark Bregoli
FACEBOOK FRIENDS.... Assorted photos through the years courtesy of a few Facebook friends.
NEW! Facebook friends pics!
Photos from Debbie Sargent Sullivan.    Circa 1975.
Debbie Sargent Sullivan's 1975 pictures! click here.
More Facebook friends pictures, and a few from the
Boston Public Library archives......
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Chicago Sun Times photo archives