What is your favorite beach activity?
sun bathing
walking the waters edge
climbing the rocks
shell collecting
building sandcastles
people watching
kite flying & games

Where is the BEST SPOT on the beach?
end, near "the aqaurium"
end, "Hull" beach
in front of the "Bandstand"
in front of  the "Red Parrott"
the " Surf Area"

What was your favorite game at Paragon Park?
skee ball
shooting waters
whack the cats
hoop shot

What was your favorite ride at Paragon Park?
tilt o whirl
congo cruise ( Bermuda triangle )
giant coaster
bumper cars
indy 500

What was your favorite Paragon Park treat?
cotton candy
pink popcorn
fried dough

When did you visit Paragon Park?
pre 1950
various times
weekends only

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As a child, my family spent most of the summer at NANTASKET BEACH in Hull MA.

We all stayed in a little cottage we called THE KING OF FRANCE COTTAGE, why we called it that I still don't know but thats what we called it. ( actually, I do know why, but thats another story, or at least a sentence later in this story, )
Several people stayed in that cottage at a time.
Nana Cooke was the ruler of the cottage, she and her longtime friend Bill Warwick were the ones who ran the house. Nana lived in Boston in the housing projects and always escaped to Nantasket for the summer. Bill would go as well, but he spent the bulk of his time down at the Nantasket Beach Salt Water Club tending to his boat and fishing and drinking and whatever else they did down there.
Several of my Aunts and Uncles would stay at the cottage along with their families too. We always had a full house.
We even created a family tree on the brick chimney upstairs. Every time someone new would come to stay the night (and there were always several) they would get thier names put on a brick. New additions to the family would be added as well, and also the family pets got a spot.
On several occasions we managed to squeeze up to twenty people in that little cottage, often with people sleeping on cots or mattresses on the floor.

We were walking distance from the beach and would go there every day, even with the threat of rain.
Wake up, eat breakfast and head to the beach was the daily routine. We'd have to stake out a large area on that beach because over the course of the day our group would grow. My Dad would usually go down first often taking us kids , getting them out of the house early so mom and my aunts could make up several dozen peanut butter and jelly, or tuna sandwiches. They would come down later .

We had so much fun on that beach, it seemed so big. The tide would go out and you could walk forever before you hit that ice cold water.

Pink Popcorn and onion rings from Carl's food stand were always a treat.  A long walk down the beach and up a few blocks was the PENNY CANDY store, this was a trip we would often make on the days when it was a bit too cold to sit at the beach. At the other end of the beach you could hear and see the roller coaster at Paragon Park.
It was here as well as at the beach, that almost all of my favorite memories were created.

I can still vividly recall that final turn from George Washington Blvd onto Nantasket Avenue and the view of that tall, wooden roller coaster. We used to close our eyes just before the turn so we'd be surprised if they had painted it or changed something. Also because we were often teased by the adults  ( Uncle Jimmy or Mr. Cram)  that the roller coaster was no longer there. thankfully, it always was.....  ( in 2005, my brother Rick carries on that tradition by telling my son Mathew that when we go to Disney World, its going to snow there and everything will be closed! )

.....to be continued   ( memories page 2 )

This page was last updated: July 3, 2016
  Carousel restoration artist James Hardison standing next to the newly restored carousel horse, ready to be installed on the carousel for the 2013 season. 
  Paragonparkmemories and a few friends from our Facebook page have adopted this horse for the season and have dedicated it to the children and teachers of the Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown CT

We have named this horse Sandy Hook Ella.

Many thanks to the following people who helped make this happen:

Mary Engelhart of Sayville NY,
Jinnie Walsh of Hull MA,
Audrey Schubach from Holyoke MA,
Steve Sinopoli from East Weymouth MA,
Denise West,
Janet Marie Pendexter,
Akitas of Love,
Nantasket Paint & Hardware in Hull MA

George Lacross has put together an awesome story with great detail about the Kooky Kastle and Paragon park, check it out here.  There are some really great pictures.

We have received a ton of new classic photos from our fans on our Facebook page.

Finally, almost 30 years after the last ride, a complete Paragon Park history book is in the works! Chris Haraden is working on a project with the help of the FRIENDS OF THE CAROUSEL. The book is hopefully going to be available by next summer, which would mark the 30th anniversary of the park closing.  Click here for more information.
Here is the Facebook page for the book.
If you would like to help with this project, click here to see how you can.
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