Our photos:

We search the 'net for pictures of Paragon Park and bring them here to you. Twelve years ago when we started the site there were very few pictures of Paragon Park to be found.
Today, if you google the term Paragon Park and search images, you will now find over 500 photos of the park. Most of them can be found here on our page.
I get a lot of photos e-mailed to me from site visitors as well as from our many Facebook page fans. If you happen to see any of yor photos here, please send me an email so that I may credit you for the pictures.
We always welcome you to submit your photos to us as well, so that we can add them to the page. You can send them via e-mail in jpeg format.
As we do not own the copyright for all of the photos, we are unable to sell them. If  you are interested in a photo send us an email with a description, and page location of the picture and I will direct you to where the picture may be available for purchase.

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